The sandblasting booths can be customized with a series of accessories based on the type of workpiece, the type of surface finish required, the handling needs, the number of operators to be used simultaneously.
Opening roof
The bridge crane available in the production hall, can be used to transfer the workpiece into the booth, thus reducing the handling of the parts. Often used for heavy parts.
Rotating table
Mounted on the workpiece support trolley, it allows the operator to remain in the same working position. Ideal for small pieces that can be treated simultaneously in the same sandblasting cycle.
Motorized trolley
Usually used in conjunction with an idle trolley, it is employed for long booths and for heavy parts.
Separation cyclone
It is installed when using light abrasives, to improve the separation of dust from the abrasive that is still usable. It is a standard component in glass bead blasting systems.
Vibrating screen separator
It guarantees the constancy of the average size of the recirculating abrasive: necessary in controlled shot peening units.
Multiple sandblasters
In the case of large pieces, to allow the simultaneous work of several operators, an oversized shot-blast container is supplied to feed more sandblasting machines at the same time.
Operator access system
For large cabins, fixed (stairs and walkways with handrails) or mobile (pneumatically operated side walkways) access systems can be installed on the walls of the booth.
Integration with the company's IT network and remote assistance
The electrical panel includes a PLC and a touch screen for the operator, which allow, thanks to the connection with the company network, the constant monitoring of the sandblasting system, displaying operating errors and providing indications for the scheduled maintenance of the various components. Access to the external internet network allows VESPA SABBIATRICI S.r.l. to provide the customer with the remote assistance service.

Use of double type of abrasive
This option is often used by service companies for surface treatment. It allows the user to satisfy different customer treatment needs, based on the materials to be sandblasted. The system works with one magnetic and one non-magnetic abrasive, and includes a rotating magnetic drum separator, a double container for the two different abrasives, and the relative sandblasters. The operator simply has to select the type of abrasive on the control panel, and use the relevant sandblasting lance.

Air recirculation system in the cabin
Thanks to an automatically activated by-pass, mounted on the dust suction channel, the filtered air can be reintroduced into the cabin, avoiding the introduction of large quantities of fresh/cold air coming from the outer working environment. This solution allows significant energy savings in winter periods.