The abrasive that falls to the ground during sandblasting, shot blasting, shot peening operations, must be recovered to be recycled and sent back to the storage tank, or to be disposed of.

Recovery can take place in several ways:

o Manually
o Semi-automatically: the operator conveys the abrasive manually, or using a mini-excavator, to a hopper with a recovery screw or, more simply, to a hopper directly connected to the base of a bucket elevator.
o Automatically: the booth is fitted with a grated floor. A scrapers system is installed underneath the grating and conveys the abrasive to the base of the bucket elevator.

The automatic recovery, in addition to avoiding production stops for the manual collection of the grit, has the advantage of being installable in the absence of civil works and foundations. The grating level of the booth will be raised by a few centimetres with respect to the floor level.

Finally, in the case of using light abrasives (garnet, plastic, glass beads), the transfer of the abrasive from the recovery system to the storage container can be performed with a pneumatic system, instead of the traditional mechanical system with bucket elevator.