Mobile sandblasting and painting filters
For the extraction of dust generated during the sandblasting and / or painting of structures "on site", mobile filters are used that can be easily positioned near the structures themselves.
These filters are typically used on the quay in shipyards, in petrochemical plants for the renewal of tanks and reservoirs, in the road infrastructure sector for the renewal of bridges and metal structures.
The connection between the work area and the filter can be made using flexible pipes.

Dehumidifier Model VDA 6
This machine is designed to control relative humidity during sandblasting and painting operations of tanks of naval units or petrochemical plants.
The VDA 6 dehumidifier operates in an open circuit by means of a molecular sieve drying drum and includes the primary process air delivery circuit and a regeneration circuit.
Technical features:
- Dehumidified air flow (m3 / h): 5,000
- Total installed power (kW): 58
- Absorption capacity (l / h) at 26 ° C and 70% RH: 13
- Dimensions (mm): 1730x1500xh1800

Thermoventilating Group
This machine generates the temperature conditions necessary for the drying of paints and coatings applied on site, inside tanks, ship caissons, bridges, etc.
It is complete with air inlet filter, centrifugal electric fan, electric heating coil with armored resistances;
Technical features:
- Flow rate (m3 / h): 4.500
- Fan head (mm w.g.): 215
- Heating coil power (kW) kW 48
   (3 stages of 16 kW each with independent ignition)
- Dimensions (mm): 2300x1000x1000

Abrasive storage, launch and recovery systems for shipyard
Group of components that can be transported on trucks and can be positioned on the quay or next to the product to be blasted.
In combination with a V-VACUUM cleaner, the abrasive can be recovered and recirculated.
The typical setup consists of a storage silo, several sandblasting units, a suction unit, a dust collector and a pre-separator with abrasive classifier. For more information DOWNLOAD CATALOG



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