Breathable air treatment

for air supply to operator mask
The activated carbon filter is supplied with the PED 2014/68 / UE test certification.
Max working pressure 12 Bar.
It can simultaneously feed four masks with a flow rate of 250 l / min each.
The filter is suitable for adsorbing any oil vapors released by the compressed air production unit, therefore it must be installed downstream of the condensate separator filters. It is also equipped with a condensate drain and replaceable activated carbon cartridge.

for air supply to operator mask
High efficiency purification unit for breathable air, to supply dried, de-oiled and odorless air to one or more operator masks.
The purifier is usually installed near the sandblaster for its connection to the compressed air network.
For more details download the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET


Operator kits
Personal protective equipment for the operator carrying out sandblasting work includes face protection, respirators, and clothing, usually consisting of overalls, gloves and gaiters. For details and article codes consult the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
Sandblasting accessories
The accessories to configure the sandblasting unit and the sandblasting lance, with relative identification codes, can be consulted in the attached TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

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