These machines are used for sandblasting works where the dispersion of dust and abrasive shall be avoided
They are designed to perform on-site sandblasting operations, therefore are fitted with two wheels and a handle for easier handling; the abrasive is loaded into the top hopper equipped with a special device for hands protection. Once the abrasive has been loaded, the machine is operated via the remote control lever.

All machines are tested to operate up to a maximum operating pressure of 12 bar: they are supplied with test certification according to the European directive 2014/68 / EU (former PED directive 97/23 / EC) and are CE marked.
The sandblasters are equipped with a sandblasting lance complete with: abrasive transport pipe, nozzle holder and Venturi nozzle in tungsten carbide and a circular brush to avoid the escape of dust and abrasive.
A second pipe provides the recovery of the abrasive back to the machine.
The length of the lance can change according to the customer needs



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