AQUABLAST is the new machine designed by VESPA SABBIATRICI to avoid the generation of dust during blasting operation. The dust abatement is provided by a jet of water spray.
It can be used on concrete and wood, for cleaning stone facades and walls.
The addition of passivating components make the machine suitable for use also on metal works.
The passivating agent mixed with water delays the oxidation process for the period necessary until the final painting.

AQUABLAST allows the operator, through the various controls mounted on the lance, to perform different treatments: dry sandblasting, wet sandblasting, washing and drying.

Technical features
  Dimensions (mm)
  Weight (kg)
  Compressed air required (l / min)

  Water consumption (l / h)
  Abrasive tank capacity (l)
  Standard lance length (m)
  Recommended abrasives
 1400 x 800 x H1500
 4614 at 7 bar pressure with 8mm nozzle
 7212 at 7 bar pressure with 10mm nozzle
 Garnet, sand

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